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Protect your home or business from Ransomware like Cryptolocker, the newest and most nefarious threat against computer security to date.

Avoid costly downtime and data recovery services and use our C-Net Ransom Defender to secure your systems!

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Anti-Virus 2011

This is another scareware program that tries to scare you into buying their product. They sell a fake antivirus known as Antivirus 2011 and, once installed, it will relentlessly badger you with fake scans and popups. It will most likely lock you out of just about anything useful on your PC, such as applications, settings, and websites. To remove, go into safe mode and try to run antispyware scans with programs like Malwarebytes Antimalware and SUPER Antispyware. If all else fails, reinstalling Windows will remove it completely.

Symptoms of a Rogue Antivirus “scareware” like Antivirus 2011:

  • Popups when not online
  • Virus scans that appear on their own, finding many of them
  • Some applications, especially antivirus, will not run
  • You get errors and message about trojans and worms
  • When online, your search results go to the wrong pages or some websites redirect for no apparent reason
  • Windows may be slower than normal
  • Many instances of iexplore.exe will be running, even when Internet Explorer is not being used
  • You will not be able to change the desktop background
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