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How To Remove Windows Security & Control Malware / Spyware

Windows Security & Control is a fake Windows utility meant to trick users into thinking they have a number of viruses and malware. This program was designed to have unknowing users pay for the program to remove any infections that is generated from Windows Security & Control. It should be known that users with this problem should never purchased this program. Windows Security & Control will be installed unknowingly to a users computer and is set to run automatically at start up. Windows Security & Control will do a mock scan of the system which informs of problems that it detects, which are in fact just generated by the program to trick users. If you attempt to close the program by just exiting it, it will continue running in the background causing slow downs, pop ups, browser redirects, and assorted Windows Utilities to no longer function.

Manual Removal of Windows Security & Control : Windows Security & Control will disable the Windows task manager making it difficult to remove while running. To get around it from running restart your computer in safe mode. To access safe mode, restart your computer and tap the F8 button. When correctly done a black screen will appear with options for starting up Windows. Choose Safe Mode and Windows will start up in the trouble shooting mode. When in safe mode Windows will only start up necessary files and programs which makes remove Windows Security & Control possible. Next locate and delete the following files associated with Windows Security & Control:

  • %AppData%\[random].exe

Windows Security & Control Registry Entries that should be removed:
{To open the registry, click the start menu and click run, in the dialog box type in the command “regedit” it should be noted deleting improper files from the registry can cause harm to your system and only should be done if you know what you are doing.}

  • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell “%AppData%\[random].exe”

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